This post will only be in English, feel free to email me for Swedish translation.

Well if you ask me I’d say no. But it’s definitely something that should be avoided if the usage of it is to dramatically change a persons looks to fit a norm or ideal that’s consider illusional and harmful to young people’s minds. Why do I say young people?! Because I think that after all they are the minds that are easily effected by society’s often sickening ways of portraying humans, may I say mainly women… Young minds are easily effected by what they see and hear in modern day media and regardless of everyone’s own responsibility to understand that things aren’t always as it may seem in campaign, videos etc it’s still very important for all fashion and beauty brands to consider who might see their productions and how it will effect them.

I just recently did a campaign shoot for a Swedish makeup brand whom has taken this ordeal to heart and gone all in with the responsibility at hand. Being one of Sweden’s most forward thinking brands when it comes to understanding the value of their customers FÄRG Collection has really made me proud for the last couple of years.

Or actually I’d like to go back as far as to those days when I founded The Gambia fashion week and Birgitta Lagerholm (owner of FÄRG Collection & Makeupstudion) helped sponsoring the event, knowing she would get absolutely nothing for it as that was years before they had a broad range of shades to their products. However those products still worked then and they work even better now when the brand has created a color range of foundations, color correctors, blushes and strobing pallets that really suits all. Extra kudos to the FÄRG team for actually bringing two of Sweden’s (may I say Scandinavia’s!) best muas with a special interest for darker skin tones (I’m low key fan girling, I know!).

I’m super happy that I was chosen to be the face of their new brand profile and all the investments they have done in helping me build my brand. I was actually trained in their school and not only did my time there teach me about makeup but I also learnt a lot about myself from the words of wisdom everyone gave me. I was put in my place when I didn’t take the education seriously but just as much as I was pushed and supported when I finally understood that I could actually and want to become a great makeup artist! So if you’re planning on taking a makeup course, this is the only Swedish school you should attend. For the products all I can say is I use them everyday and I’m very happy with the results. Their buffing brush is life itself and I think I got five or so of it!

Thank you FÄRG, for awesome products, great visions, real inclusion and for letting me be apart of this team. I’ll be stopping by soon to see my board, be ready with the tissues haha!